Meet the Artist

Artist/Creator H.G. Wellz
Say hello to Crankie Flowers™ Creator

H.G. Wellz

Crankie Flowers™ is a labour of love created by graphic designer “H.G. (Head Gardener) Wellz”.

Originally designed from scratch as a concept for cute and quirky plushies, Crankie Flowers™ has developed into so much more. Wellz has built each element of the Crankies to not only be enjoyed by collectors of plushies, but to be loved as sensory dolls for comfort assistance. Wellz is driven to create plushes that can bring joy and comfort to people with the unique signature design of the Crankies. In her free time, Wellz enjoys drawing, watching Sci-Fi shows and movies with her family, playing with her dog, and fabric shopping. It is her goal to bring happiness to others, one Crankie at a time. 

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